About Us

The Civil Desk is an effort to encompass the wide range of construction technology-related info in a nutshell. In a world of tech and information overload, we feel rather lost when it comes to understanding the concepts. Of course, there are good number of sites out there, if getting content for your assignments is all you want. So, before you even want to delve much deeper into our site, here’s what you need to know: Our articles aren’t an alternative to college degrees, but BINGO – it serves the purpose even better. You can thank us later.

As students, we went through the ordeal of having to search for reliable and simple technical information. The result? We ended up spending a lot more time surfing than on learning. We wanted to make things easier. Let’s put it this way – How do you feel the night before the exam when your best friend teaches you everything he/she learned by listening to long hours of brutal classroom teaching? Sounds simple and fun yeah? Our approach is the same except the fact that it is The Civil Desk now instead of your friend.

We search, understand and present concepts in a simple and efficient way that you can easily access. This is not just another boring blog loaded with technical and indecipherable articles. We have got interesting case studies – let’s go the Sherlock Way – News, Expert Interviews on Campus Placements, Jobs, Fieldwork and blah blah…

Why don’t you just see it all by yourself! We hope you love our blog:)

Our story

We are just a bunch of enthusiastic civil engineering undergrads who feel that we have outgrown the bounds of our education system, not to mention the grading scheme. We were always revolted by the idea of learning. Necessity and purpose are long gone, and individual interests are funnily out of consideration. When did we think of starting a technical blog?  Well, passively during the annoying classroom lectures (PS: theory classes were such a mishap)

What was that we thought could possibly change the way students look at learning? Customization! Learning is an individual’s pursuit. It can’t be forced to be sought inside a classroom, definitely not in an environment contaminated with silence and orderliness. So when we reached this conclusion, we had no source that proved satisfactory. And here we go, we decided  to do it ourselves and you will enjoy  summary, visuals, detailed, however you like it:)   


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